What is it about creating a lively atmosphere that colors the city?

"Town development" is defined as the "urban planning" of the Showa era, but is town development meant to create hustle and bustle centered around events? I always think that.

We think that events and bustling creation are not "town development" but "town play".

I think it's important to engage in activities with the mindset of having fun using the town, rather than thinking of it as a formal town development project.
However, rather than playing blindly, I think it is adult play that comes with responsibility, self-awareness, planning and action. . .

Enjoy the town where you grew up.
materialize their thoughts.
Use the city and have fun with local people and friends.

Meaning and thoughts are put into activities. Sometimes it comes out strongly.
That's why the term ``Machi Asobi'' is appropriate.

Town development is about all the people who lived in that era, and creating a vibrant community is just one part of that.

By using a wide variety of mechanisms and involving local residents,
Make other people's affairs your own and increase the number of people you interact with.

We believe that tourism-related parties and event companies must work together to refine the resources loved by the local community into attractive destinations.

There are some events that can only be done at that time, but we would be happy to make proposals that include ideas that can be done flexibly after the situation has subsided.
There are many things that can be done in your area, so please feel free to contact us.